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Office e-mailNovembercare@gmail.com         This is not a personal email or phone number. There can be up to a 48 hour turn around .

I am Margaret November. Originally a New Yorker, I have lived and practiced in California for over 30 years. 
I specialize in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychopharmacology. My preference is in treating the whole patient, which includes the psychotherapy as well as medication, if indicated.
 I treat adults and children 17 years of age or older. 

My treatment style is based on my knowledge of the biologic and social components of illness. Together we will build trust and a specialized treatment plan that is right for you and your life style.

I am qualified to order diagnostic laboratory tests and to prescribe medications, evaluate and treat psychological and interpersonal problems, and to intervene with families who are coping with stress, crises, and other problems in living.

My specialties include diagnosis and treatment of various disorders such as mental, addictive, emotional, anxiety and more. 

I hope to hear from you.

Dr. Margie


Graduate of
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Interned at Columbia University's Roosevelt Hospital

Residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Man

Psychopharmacology  Postdoctoral fellowship - USC

Psychotherapy:  Ongoing Training and Supervision, with Emphasis on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy since 1982

Appointments Available:
Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays  9 - 5pm
Sundays Art Based Therapy Groups
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
A psychiatrist is a physician who has completed medical school and specialized residency training in psychiatry. Because they are M.D.s, psychiatrists can prescribe medication in additon to performing psychotherapy and counseling.

What insurances do you accept?
Dr. November is an in network provider for Aetna, Cigna and Cottage Health Systems. All others must direct pay for services.  
Contact your Mental Health Insurance company for more information regarding your out of network coverage & reimbursement options if any. Our office staff 
do whatever we can to assist you in figuring out this process.

What happens at my appointment?
The first appointment will last 45 to 90 minutes. There will be a few forms to fill out. Then you and Dr. November will just talk about what has been going on in your life.
What should I bring to my appointment?
Please bring all your prescriptions (even if they are for other conditions) in their bottles so that Dr. November can see exactly how they were prescribed. If possible bring the records of any previous treatment from a psychologist, counselor or other psychiatrist please.
                                                                   Art Based Therapy Groups forming now! 

                    I am In Network with Aetna, Cigna and Cottage Health Systems

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